Don Cutts

Don Cutts was a journeyman goaltender - playing on 6 minor league teams and in Finland in his 8 year pro hockey career. He got his big break on January 12, 1980 when the Edmonton Oilers signed the native Edmontonian to a contract for the remainder of the year. Cutts appeared in 6 games - going 1-2-1 with a 3.57 GAA.

Cutts did make an impression on the Oilers that year though - more for his personality than his play. Kevin Lowe, a rookie that year, called Cutts the most unusual goaltending personality he ever met.

"The best way to describe Cuttsy would be to call him a goaltending beatnik. He looked like he had come to us directly from the Woodstock festival, and to add to that, he was a drummer on the side," remembered Lowe.

"Cuttsy prefaced every sentence with the opening 'Hey, man....' He used it for any and all occasions and was quite popular in his short time that he played with the Oilers. But we did get the impression that he meant to go to Woodstock and somebody dropped him off at the rink instead!"

Cutts' 6 game NHL appearance was by most standards unnoticable. 6 games, a losing record, an inflated 3.57 GAA. As Kevin Lowe put it - "Not bad for a drummer."


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